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Director: Mark Hofmeyr

Production Co: Morris and Chapman - Belgium

Canon Liger

Director: Alex Wykes

Production Co: Verri Media – United Kingdom

Canon RP

Director: Nick Kennedy

Production Co: Verri Media  - United Kingdom


Director: Joe Tunmer

Production Co: Cheerful Twentyfirst – United Kingdom

PLAN International 2018

Director: Frank Brendel

Production Co: Notamtam - Germany 

Tall Horse

Director: Arri Reschke

Agency: Hippocampus

Hellman's Burger Tour

Director: Yolande Botha

DOP: Jason Howes

Agency: Liquorice

Hellman's Summer Burger

Director: Yolande Botha

DOP: Jason Hawes

Agency: Liquorice

Chevrolette Spark

Director/DOP: Morne Jacobsz

Agency: 360 Degrees


Director: Yolande Botha

Agency: 9Point

Tall Horse Wines

Agency: Hippocampus

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